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We design professional and unique custom logo that communicates what your brand represents to its customers and users. It's a unique way to tell story about your brand and how it's different. We firmly believe that your logo is the first impression your customers will create that will not only set you apart from others but will define your value. 


Soul 2 Soul Healing

Soul 2 Soul healing is a psychotherapy treatment center for mental health conditions.


  • Gold color is associated with the sun and express abundance and power.

  • Sage Green express wisdom and evokes feelings of harmony and balance. 

  • The logo showcases a soul tree that has two trunks intertwined implying two souls coming together to heal keeping the harmony and absorbing the power of Healing.

Salty Love

A personal logo designed for a father wanting to honor his son after loosing him at a young age.


  • The son's nick-name was Salty. The reason he got that name because he liked to add salt in everything and sprinkle it everywhere.

  • The logo is designed to look like it's written with salt, while some has sprinkled outside the text.

  • "Love" is highlighted with bright neon color that express fun, uplifting and bold personality.



Momcierge is a networking/ referral website for moms who need a deeper connection and resources for all aspects and levels of parenting.


  • Turquoise is the color of calmness & clarity.

  • Green color is relaxing. It expresses wisdom.

  • Dandelion flowers represent the return of life, the rebirth and growth.

  • The flowers illustration represent a Mother nurturing, holding, protecting her baby.

  • The logo showcases feminine fonts.




Brochures, Flyers, Banners, Business Cards, Posters, Signs and more...

Custom Party


Custom Invitations and Save The Dates to match your style and theme.


Game Cards

Custom Game Cards to match existing board games or a completely new game.

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